Code of Conduct


On behalf of the administration, faculty, staff, and students of SAMS, we welcome you to our athletic facility and program. The schools competing are members and have agreed to abide by the constitution and bylaws of the Tampa Charter Athletic League to insure the highest possible standards of conduct in their interscholastic programs.

We ask that everyone demonstrate an attitude of good sportsmanship throughout the season. Respect is a right for the athletes, coaches, faculty, administration, and officials. Any spectator not displaying appropriate conduct will be asked to leave the facility. Your cooperation is expected and appreciated.

Sports fee is $100 per student per sport, must be paid prior to first competition of the season to be paid at MYSCHOOLBUCKS.COM print receipt turn in with pack.
Grades & Behavior: Students must have​ ​passing grades and behavior in all classes. Student athletes are a representation of SAMS and they are to follow the expectations list below.
Grade Check: Each student’s grades will be checked weekly by the athletic director and coach to ensure eligibility. An athlete will be considered ineligible if:

  • If an athlete receives a 70% or lower, they will not be able to play for the week. Grades must improve by the next week. See consequences below.
  • ­If a student athlete has been absent and as a result has a “D” or “F” in a class because the makeup work has yet to be GRADED, their playing time will be        limited or will not be able to play until the work has been TURNED in.
  • ­Student athletes who have a “D” on their grade check will have very limited playing time or no playing time. This is under the coach’s discretion and will be        discussed with the athletes at the beginning of the season.

Grades/Behavior Consequences: ­ In an event where an athlete’s self-discipline breaks down in the area of grades, behavior, or attendance, the following actions will be taken.

  • 1​st offense: one on one meeting with coach and possible game suspension.
  • 2nd offense: Conference with athlete and parent along with game suspension.
  • 3rd offense: Dismissal from team. (If a student athlete receives an “F” a 3rd time on the grade check, the student athlete will be dismissed from the team so         that they can focus on academics) ­Dismissal from team will occur if the student has committed a severe disciplinary action Steps may be accelerated due to severity of behavior.


  • Students will be held responsible for all athletic equipment issued to them. 
  • School uniforms are to be used or worn only under three strict conditions:  Competition / Informed by the school administration  
  • Students are responsible for taking care of their uniform. 
  • Students are responsible for having all required equipment needed to compete.  

Attendance: Student athletes are required to be at tryouts, practices, and games. An athlete cannot be adversely treated due to an excused absence. However, absent athletes may have to work hard to regain their previous playing status. Student athletes who have a medical excuse to excuse them from PE may not participate in athletics.

The athletes who attend all practices and competitions must be given consideration for their commitment. ​Athletes should inform their coach well before hand if they plan to miss a practice or a competition. ​Please see the “consequences” for unexcused absences. Examples of excused absences (doctor’s appointment, family emergency, absent from school). Students must be in school for half of the school day in order to participate in a game or competition on that day.



As a student of Sunlake Academy of Math & Science, I acknowledge that I have read the Parent & Athlete Code of Conduct, and will adhere to all within

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As a parent/guardian of a Sunlake Academy of Math & Science student athlete, I acknowledge that I have read the Parent & Athlete Code of Conduct, and will adhere to all within.

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